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Agile methods are in our genes. By using agile process models in software development, we can ensure fast and visible results during the development phase. 

What is agile software development?

The term refers to approaches in the software development process that increase transparency and flexibility and lead to faster deployment of the developed systems in order to minimize risks in the development process.   

The main idea here is to keep sub-processes as simple and flexible as possible. Agile software development is characterized by self-organizing teams as well as an iterative and incremental approach. The aim is to manage with a minimum amount of bureaucracy and rules, and to adapt quickly to changes without increasing the risk of errors.


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The benefits of agile software development

Agility in development gives you the decisive advantage when it comes to the implementation of your solutions. In recent years, process models such as SCRUM have matured from an idea into a very successful framework for IT projects, which in turn can help to neutralize typical factors that can threaten the success of complex IT projects. This approach is becoming one of the most important tools for change within the context of digitization. Organizations can adapt more flexibly to changing business requirements: They can bring software products to market faster and adapt and deliver them in ever shorter cycles.

Focus on the user

In agile software development, the starting point in comparison to the waterfall model is functionality and the user.

Flexibly adaptable

Agile teams do not work on the basis of extensive requirement specifications, but instead with small steps (sprints) and regular, direct feedback. 

Fast results

Thanks to small software packages and the adaptive approach, agile teams shorten the delivery cycles for new releases from many months to just a few weeks. 

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