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We help you maximize the value of your Salesforce solution

Why we are the right Salesforce partner for you

We combine extensive know-how and wide-ranging expertise under one roof: We do not employ generalists–our people are experts for each area. The way we work is characterized by short distances to all specialists, whereby we never lose sight of teamwork. Thanks to our successful history as a developer of custom software in the enterprise environment, we draw on a wealth of experience and recognize requirements and problems before they occur. In us you will find the Salesforce partner who combines in-depth knowledge of the software with an eye for your company's specific requirements.  


Our IREB-certified requirements engineers accompany the implementation process, listen carefully, ask questions and refine the requirements, so that ultimately the best solution is created for the benefit of our customers. All of our consultants are certified by Salesforce and continually upskill to provide you with the best possible advice and to guide you through the project from the initial plan to its implementation. With extensive training, we ensure that your employees get the most out of their Salesforce solution.  


We ensure that you do not have to adapt your processes to the software, but that the Salesforce solution perfectly supports your company-specific processes thanks to customizing. For us, Salesforce is not a rigid system. Instead, we use it as a flexible construction kit for developing customer-friendly solutions. In addition to pure software configuration, we also map the program individualization and are thus able to develop completely new possibilities within Salesforce. With our interface expertise and technologies such as TALEND, we break up data islands and create fully integrated processes without media disruptions.  


We offer comprehensive managed services to keep your Salesforce solution running smoothly. In addition to continuous software version control, migrations and homogenization of various systems, the focus here is on continuous quality control of all processes. 

Salesforce for special requirements

Salesforce is the world's leading customer relationship management (CRM) software. The cloud solution puts the customer at the center of all corporate activities, improves processes and promotes collaboration between marketing, sales and service. As a certified Salesforce partner, we support you from initial requirements management through individualization, integration and operation of the solution to training your employees. You benefit from our many years of experience with large-scale CRM projects and our expertise in complex integrations and special requirements.  

Based on the standard Salesforce software, we create a custom solution for you that optimally supports your processes and fits perfectly into the existing IT infrastructure.

Our special solutions

Salesforce does not have the right ready-to-use solution for every special requirement. Wherever the standard software reaches its limits, our expertise in individual development comes into play to facilitate the optimal overall solution tailored to your needs.   

Virus scanner

With our specially developed virus scanner for Salesforce applications, you can take the security of your cloud solution to a new level: Elements originating from external systems are scanned on our in-house servers according to the ISO-27001 standard and only released for the system after they have been checked.

Cryptochannel technology

Salesforce in the enterprise environment lives on the high degree of integration and holistic processes without media disruptions. Our encrypted tunnel protects data communication via interfaces and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data.   

Are you interested in custom Salesforce solutions?

Our certifications

We are continuously upskilling ourselves in order to provide you the best possible quality and the latest solutions. Our team of 14 trained Salesforce specialists has 25 years of experience with the software and is equipped to meet any challenge.