Sustainable IT solutions

Quality is the decisive factor for us. This is why we let ourselves be measured and assume responsibility. End to end. With no ifs, ands, or buts. 

Full service for your IT project

 In an industry that is continuously evolving, it is our duty and passion not only to stay on the ball, but to be a pioneer. We understand what our customers need and make it possible. We bundle our experience gained from IT projects completed over the past 3 decades with our many long-standing employees and young specialists to provide expertise and top performance. 


Targeted and solution-oriented consulting to identify your individual needs provides the foundation for developing your customized solution. And the demands you place on the systems have the highest priority. 

Individual software development

When developing IT projects, we rely on agile development methods such as SCRUM, and do without a rigid catalog of requirements that has to be created completely in advance. This is developed step by step, and always in connection with visible results.

IT services

We link our technological expertise and our decades of experience with IT operations to our model of holistic IT service. Our data center gives you the space you need to grow. 

Are you interested in individual software solutions for your company?

What we do differently

We work sustainably, for results that are geared towards the future. We work quickly, for rapid success without sacrificing quality. We work with a focus on benefits, for a high level of acceptance and guaranteed project success. We simplify, instead of making things complex. 

Fast, visible results thanks to agile development methods

Agile development methods are in the COVIS genes. Through short, iterative planning and development cycles, we create quality as well as time for the essentials.Traditional waterfall models often lead to non-compliance with deadlines and budgets, as requirements change during the course of the project and errors are only discovered at a later stage. 

How we work

Integration instead of substitution

We are both system solution developers with agile development methods as well as system integrators based on your business processes. We combine proven systems with intelligent interfaces and workflows, which allows us to avoid costly migration processes – saving both time and costs. 

COVIS Systemintegration

Experience meets innovation

In our research laboratory, we investigate and test the latest technologies and view ourselves as a driving force behind innovative tools. With over 200 successful projects under our belt, you benefit from the well founded, up-to-date and proven knowledge of our development team. 

Our customers

Modern technologies

We are optimally prepared for future methodical and technological challenges so that we can model future-proof solutions with you at an early stage. Our portfolio ranges from software standards to complex, individual development projects. 


ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, WCF, WPF, Windows Forms, NodeJS, SignalR, socket.io


.NET Framework, COViS Framework .NET, AngularJS, Bootstrap, WinRT



Databases/search engines/stores

Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, ScaleOut State Server, Redis, Hadoop, Cassandra


Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Sharepoint, SQL Server Management Studio, Skelta BPM.NET, Telerik ASP.NET Controls, Robomongo, Resharper, dotTrace, StyleCop/FxCop, AppDynamics/AppDynamics for Databases, WebStorm


Windows, Linux



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