Performance Engineering


Much depends on the performance of your applications: Conversion, sales, acceptance, satisfaction – for both your customers and internal users. Outstanding performance, robustness, stability, and scalability are the core factors here. Unfortunately, even small errors in an application can have serious consequences for these factors.

The list of possible but avoidable errors is long: - Database queries that are too complex - Infinite loops in source code - Memory that is no longer released - High data volumes to be transferred - Erroneous communication, etc.

In a worst case scenario, applications that are valuable for your business will not unfold their full potential for years, or they will already be in a precarious situation at the time of their development. In our experience, this affects not only the overall performance of the applications, but also – and this is particularly critical – their acceptance by users.

We help you achieve a consistently good performance

The experts at COVIS Performance Engineering, with their experience gained over many years and in many projects, provide fast and accurate analyses in order to eliminate bottlenecks in these areas – so that you get the maximum benefit from your applications. Based on state-of-the-art APM tools and the experience of our experts, we show you ways to stabilize and optimize your applications.