Business Intelligence


One of our core services is the integration of systems into an overarching context. This provides an important basis for understanding the interrelationships and for collecting valuable company information.

This is also the first step when it comes to replacing existing processes, where data about manual activities is merged and analyzed. Such solutions – initially fast and pragmatic – can subsequently pose considerable risks to business operations due to processes that are slow, prone to errors, and not secure. For sustainable operational and strategic decisions, data must be prepared and evaluated according to a uniform pattern. In addition to the design of reports, analyses, and dashboards, business intelligence also includes their implementation using suitable tools. Ideally, information about processes in your company can thus be analyzed in real time with the help of modern in-memory systems, even if the data volumes to be evaluated go beyond the scope of traditional data warehouses or data mart concepts. COVIS provides you with all the services you need to implement a successful business intelligence concept. In addition to our experts for the creation of analyses and reports, you will be advised by specialists for the extraction and storage of data, their evaluation using suitable tools, and the operation of the necessary systems. Last but not least, we help you do justice to the increasing value of such a system for your company, through targeted measures to ensure reliability and performance.