System Analysis & Design

System analysis and design represents an essential milestone in setting up your IT in a powerful, effective, and economically efficient way. Within the scope of requirements management, the first insights will emerge regarding a suitable system architecture to cover your needs.

The key to designing an optimal solution lies essentially in the understanding that we establish through the targeted use of analysis methods, including the IREB standard. Our experts focus their activities exclusively on your interests and benefits. Within the framework of the existing infrastructure, system analysis and design include both comprehensive optimization options as well as all necessary interfaces to peripheral systems. An IT structure that has grown over time usually contains a lot of technical compromises when it comes to the integration of individual components with one other. However, this does not justify calling such a structure into question as a whole, as it has not evolved out of itself, but always on the basis of a business need. Ideally, we can preserve existing systems with their proven business logic and logically connect or integrate them with one other via a workflow. In doing so, we follow our philosophy of "integration instead of substitution" and avoid – where possible – costly migration projects with the aim of achieving an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

We plan based on your requirements

In the area of system analysis and design, we integrate subsystems into comprehensive processes, plan the evaluation of process paths (business activity monitoring), and ensure the adaptation of process flows directly within the process model. We design a system landscape that is integrated and highly flexible, in order to be able to map adjustments and even major changes quickly and simply.